DOCUPERU is a Peruvian organization specialized in promoting independent documentary production in the country as well as in the consolidation of a space for documentary discussion. Their mission is to document, promote, produce and to encourage, descentralize documentary processes and products as an empowerment and expression tools aiming the improving of different peruvian regions, with an educational, intercultural and collective development approach.

producer - noemi acuna

Noemi Acuna is a journalist. She has worked for the magazines  "Mining Press" and
" Rumbos".
She worked as a communications staff member for INKAFEST  Mountain and Environmental Film Festival on 2012 and 2013.
She is the Producer of the Documentay "Travels through Cordillera Huallaga"


Nathalie Tolentino is a multi-talented Actress, Producer, Freelance Film Editor and Human Resources Manager based in New York City. Originally from Lima-Peru she studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts-New York, The Odin Theater in Denmark and Universidad San Martin in Lima. She divides her time working on Advertising, Theater, TV & film projects in New York and Peru. 

cinematographer - jordie Montevecchi

Jordie Montevecchi is a freelance documentary filmmaker with a background in social anthropology. As a director, producer, cameraman and editor for Matchbox Media, he is inspired by the exploration of cultural diversity and the challenge of representing this through film. His experience ranges from pre- to post-production and has been working for broadcasters such as Aljazeera English, CNBC, CBS News and Sky Italia. His feature documentary 'Sandgrains' has been broadcasted and screened at festivals worldwide.


Diana Daf-Collazos is a multidisciplinary independent artist . Her work centers around action art, urban intervention, video and installation. Since 2005 she has exhibited her work in various cities of Peru such as Lima, Huaraz, Arequipa and Cuzco. Internationally she has performed in Chile, Brazil, Germany and the United States. She is currently the manager at El Galpon Espacio Cultural Association in Lima. 

the team

Nathalie Tolentino

production supervisor - Antolin prieto

Antolin Prieto is an audiovisual Editor and Producer, he has worked in multiple fiction and documentary films, he directed the short films " Reunion", " San Felipe"  & " Fin del Mundo" He participated in the Berlinale Talents 2014, Doculab Guadalajara 2014, Morelia Lab 2010 and is now preparing his first feature film " Vengo de un pueblo en Llamas"  He is a member of DOCUPERU where he works as a production supervisor of documentary projects.